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During the past few years several members of our team have published books or produced various audio/ CDs and video tapes/ DVDs. You can order these materials through our various centers by sending a check or money order made to the Franciscan Ministry of the Word at the chosen location. You may also request materials by e-mail  at our various locations. (Scroll down to see location sites)

St. Anthony Friary
63 Bartholdi Ave.
Butler, NJ 07405-1462

$10.00 & $3.00 Shipping & Handling

Friar's Joy: Magic moments from Real Life by fifteen friars from Holy Name Province edited by Kevin Cronin, ofm.  Published by Continuum, 1996; ISBN: 0-8264-08680.

Kenosis: Emptying Self and the Path of Christian Service by Fr. Kevin Cronin, ofm, published by Continuum International Publishing Group (June, 1994); ISBN: 0826407684

When God Says No, by Daniel Lanahan, OFM, published by Lantern Press, 2000

all given by Fr. Kevin at workshops at LA Congress...
$10 each, 3 for $25 +$3 p&h

The Challenge of St. Francis of Assisi 1209-2009

The Secret of Saint Francis

That Special Franciscan Spirit

Desire: The Heart of Catholic Spirituality

Kenosis: The Practical Prism

The Prayer Book of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph... The Psalms

The Lost Art of Listening

Praying for Healing of Memories

The Good Friar's Jokes, by Kevin Cronin, OFM

$20 each, or Both Tapes (Whole Mission) $30 plus $3 p& h

Finding Time for Love... fr. Kevin Cronin, ofm

Finding Peace & Healing... fr. Kevin Cronin, ofm

St. Anthony Friary
357 Second St. North St. Petersburg, FL 33701

$15 each  

The Wandering Friar by Fr. John Anglin, OFM, Lantern Books, Brooklyn, NY 

Following Jesus in the Footsteps of Francis by Fr. John Anglin, OFM, Lantern Books, Brooklyn, NY

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